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Zipped collection of classical MIDI files recorded by Eric Halstead, collection consists of :-

Piece Romantique Opus 9 No 1
Gavotte Opus 9 No 2
Les Noces D'Argent Opus 13 Fantasie très facile pour UN SUEL Piano à 8 mains
1st Movement Allegro Appassionato
2nd Movement Andante
3rd Movement Allegro
Minuetto Opus 23
Serenade Opus 29
Automne  Opus 35 No. 2
Callirhoë  Opus 37 No.1
Pas des Amphores  Opus 37 No.2
Der Schärpentanz  Opus 37 No.3
Pierrette Opus 41
La Lisonjera Opus 50
Lolita Opus 54
Rigaudon Opus 55 No 6
Les Sylvains Opus 60
Pièce Dans le Style Ancien Opus 74
Souvenance Opus 76, No.1
Meditation Opus 76, No.6
Ritournelle Opus 83
Danse Creole Opus 94
Danse Anciennes Pavane Opus 95 No 2
Expansion Opus 106
Contes Bleus Opus 122 No 2 Piano Roll Played by Cecile Chaminade

Album des Enfants Op 126
https://www.tradebit.comte de Fées
https://www.tradebit.comse Mignonne

Romance in D, Opus 137
Guitare Op 32 No 11 Piano Roll Played by Cecile Chaminade
Valse Brillante Op 80 No 3 Piano Roll Played by Cecile Chaminade
L'Ondine Op 101 No 6 Piano Roll Played by Cecile Chaminade
Marche Americaine Op 131 Piano Roll Played by Cecile Chaminade
Etude Romantique Op 132 Piano Roll Played by Cecile Chaminade
Fifth Gavotte Op 162 Piano Roll Played by Cecile Chaminade
Air de Ballet  Opus 30 Piano Roll played by Clarence Adler

Playing Time 2 hours

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